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ImportError (MidiOutFile)

Trying to run the Your First Model tutorial, but I get the error that follows below. I've had to install the most recent stable version of Theano (0.7.0) instead of the bleeding edge one indicated in the install instructions due to some compatibility issues with Python 3.2, in case that could somehow be the root of the problem. Unlike this fellow (http://www.opendeep.org/v0.0.8/discuss/55b3b090a96deb1900990d7e) I haven't figured out the cause, though I'll let you know if I work it out. Running Kali Linux, Python 3.2, Pillow 2.7.0, numpy 1.9.2, and scipy 0.16.0 in addition to the aforementioned theano 0.7.0.

Incidentally, thanks for putting this package together. A lot of work goes into something like this.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/usrname/PycharmProjects/599/OpenDeepTut.py", line 3, in
from opendeep.models.model import Model
File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/init.py", line 26, in
from . import data
File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/data/init.py", line 8, in
from .standard_datasets import
File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/data/standard_datasets/init.py", line 4, in
from .midi import

File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/data/standard_datasets/midi/init.py", line 3, in
from .jsb_chorales import JSBChorales
File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/data/standard_datasets/midi/jsb_chorales.py", line 14, in
from opendeep.utils.midi import midiread
File "/home/usrname/Downloads/opendeep/opendeep/opendeep/utils/midi/init.py", line 15, in
from MidiOutFile import MidiOutFile
ImportError: No module named MidiOutFile